Doctor Strange 2 promo confirms the Illuminati will be in the movie

I warned you just the other day that we’re in the endgame of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness marketing. Marvel might reveal some exciting details about the film in the coming days to convince MCU fans still on the fence about watching the movie to buy tickets.

And it looks like Marvel is doing precisely that, with the newest Doctor Strange 2 promo confirming the existence of the Illuminati.

We’ve been talking about the Illuminati being in Multiverse of Madness for months, although Marvel never confirmed the rumors.

Therefore, news that the Illuminati are in the movie won’t surprise those people who have been keeping up with plot leaks.

But this is the first time someone in the film has actually mentioned the group by name. As always, we’ll remind you that big spoilers follow below.

With less than two weeks left until the Multiverse of Madness premiere, Marvel is sharing many TV ads to promote the movie.