Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule, Fixture PDF Download

Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule, Fixture PDF: Hello Guys Final Cricket biggest carnival Schedule is Out. Where all Ten Team are ready to begin Cricket World Cup 2019 Tournament at England. Here we share Cricket World Cup Schedule & Fixture Free Download. The tournament will going to start on 30th May to 15th July, with a reserve day for the semi final and Finals.

This Time Format is such that each and every team will going to play every participating teams. The Top Four team will be qualifying for Semi-final & Final. Check out 2019 cricket world cup schedule Free Download given below.

The Cricket world cup final will take places at Lord’s while the remaining match will take place all over UK. Total eleven venues that will be host the tournament are Lord’s Bristol,Headingley, Chester-le street, Old Trafford, Taunton, Southampton, Oval, Edgbaston, Trent Bridge & Cardiff.

The ICC Cricket world cup tournament begin with Host England vs South Africa at Kennington Oval, London on 30th May. Other Hand Most of people waiting for Biggest rivalry India vs Pakistan take on 16th June at Bristol. So guys now you can check out the full list of cricket world schedule and you also can download in PDF Format Given below.

World cup 2019 schedule, Fixtures & Time table

icc world cup 2019 schedule download

Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule, Date & Venue
Date Team vs Team Venue Time-IST|Local|GMT
30-5-2019 ENG VS SA Kennington Oval 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
31-5-2019 WI VS PAK Trent Bridge 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
1-6-2019 NZ VS SL Cardiff 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
1-6-2019 AFG VS AUS Bristol 6:00PM|1:30AM|12:30AM
2-6-2019 BAN VS SA Kennington Oval 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
3-6-2019 ENG VS PAK Trent Bridge 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
4-62019 AFG VS SL Cardiff 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
5-6-2019 IND VS SA Southampton 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
5-6-2019 BAN VS NZ Kennington Oval 6:00PM|1:30PM|12:30PM
6-6-2019 WI VS AUS Trent Bridge 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
7-6-2019 PAK VS SL Bristol 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
8-6-2019 ENG VS BAN Cardiff 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
8-6-2019 AFG VS NZ Taunton 6:30PM|1:30PM|12:30PM
9-6-2019 IND VS AUS Kennington Oval 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
10-6-2019 SA VS WI Southampton 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
11-6-2019 BANG VS SL Bristol 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
12-6-2019 PAK VS AUS Taunton 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
13-6-2019 IND VS NZ Trent Bridge 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
14-6-2019 ENG VS WI Southampton 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
15-6-2019 SL VS AUS Kennington Oval 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
15-6-2019 SA VS AFG Cardiff 6:00PM|1:30PM|12:30PM
16-6-2019 IND VS PAK Old Trafford, Manchester 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
17-6-2019 BAN VS WI Taunton 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
18-6-2019 ENG VS AFG Old Trafford, Manchester 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
19-6-2019 NZ VS SA Edgbaston, Birmingham 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
20-6-2019 AUS VS BAN Trent Bridge 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
21-6-2019 ENG VS SL Headingley, Leeds 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
22-6-2019 IND VS AFG Southampton 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
22-6-2019 WI VS NZ Old Trafford, Manchester 6:30PM|1:30PM|12:30PM
23-6-2019 PAK VS SA Lord’s London 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
24-6-2019 BAN VS AFG Southampton 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
25-6-2019 ENG VS AUS Lord’s, London 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
26-6-2019 NZ VS PAK Edgbaston, Birmingham 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
27-6-2019 WI VS IND Old Trafford, Manchester 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
28-6-2019 SL VS SA Chester-le-Street 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
29-6-2019 PAK VS AFG Headingley, Leeds 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
29-6-2019 NZ VS AUS Lord’s London 6:00PM|1:30PM|12:30PM
30-6-2019 ENG VS IND Edgbaston, Birmingham 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
1-7-2019 SL VS WI Chester-le-Street 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
2-7-2019 BAN VS IND Edgbaston, Birmingham 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
3-7-2019 ENG VS NZ Chester-le-street 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
4-7-2019 AFG VS WI Headingley, Leeds 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
5-7-2019 PAK VS BAN Lord’s London 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
6-7-2019 SL VS IND Headingley, Leeds 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
6-7-2019 AUS VS SA Old Trafford, Manchester 6:00PM|1:30PM|12:30PM
9-7-2019 1st semi Final Old Trafford, Manchester 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
11-7-2019 2nd Semi Final Edgbaston, Birmingham 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM
14-7-2019 Final Lord’s London 3:00PM|10:30AM|9:30AM

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